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The Genkem Philosophy

We at Genkem have a simple philosophy - "Doing-it-yourself" means "Doing-it-professionally." That's why we provide the best solutions for home improvement jobs. Extensively tried and tested to ensure top quality, each product in the wide Genkem range is especially developed to help DIY enthusiasts work quickly, effectively and professionally. Genkem's range of DIY Home Improvement products is one of the most comprehensive available from a single supplier.

To be a successful world class adhesive and coatings manufacturer and marketer of fine quality adhesives and coatings, while behaving in a socially responsible and progressive manner.

To be a world class adhesive and coatings manufacturer by any measure.

We share commitment to and have responsibility for:
• Customer Service
• Product Quality
• Continuous Improvement
• Respect, Dignity and Equal Opportunity
• Participation and Improvement
• Wealth Creation, Reward and Recognition
• Communication
• Employee Development
• A Safe and Healthy Work Environment
• Community and Environmental Commitment