Bourne Floor Coatings is a pioneer and innovator in wood finishing systems.

Ever since we commenced operations in December 1939, a few months after the outbreak of the Second World War, our aim has been to enhance
and promote the natural beauty of wood. Continual product development remains an integral feature of our Company’s growth.

Technology has improved enormously in areas such as UV resistance, durability, scuff resistance and ease of application. However, one thing remains unchanged;
the old-fashioned care and attention we pay to every aspect of our manufacturing process.

Bourne Floor Coatings have been tried, tested and trusted for years and have earned the reputation of being first choice in wooden floor sealers;
making maintenance easy and ensuring that wooden floors maintain their beauty and timeless elegance.

Wooden floors add natural beauty, distinctive value and warmth to any room in the home, but choosing the right product is imperative. Easy to apply,
well tested and backed by Genkem’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, Bourne Floor Coatings are a must for anyone that really cares about their wooden floors.

Bourne Floor Coatings also offers environmentally friendly products that are economical, durable, and of the highest quality to give your home that just polished
look all year round.