Can Bourne Gleem be applied over existing floor coatings?

No, your floor needs to be sanded down completely prior to coating.

My floor has “white marks” what is this caused by?

This can be caused by the floor being damp.

Fine cracks have appeared in some places of the surface where I have applied Bourne Gleem.

This can be caused by “pooling” where too much product has been put on one area and applying a second coat without allowing it to dry completely.

Is it important to apply two coats on the surface being coated?

Yes, to ensure a lasting finish, two coats must be applied.

Can the Bourne Gleem solvent based product be applied over Bourne Gleem water based product or visa versa?

No, these are two different product and cannot be used together.

Can Nova 18 be mixed with Bourne Gleem?

This is not recommended, rather stain the floor first and then apply Bourne Gleem.

Can Bourne Gleem be tinted?

This is not recommended, rather stain the floor first and then apply Bourne Gleem.

Do all surfaces need to be sanded before applying Bourne Gleem?

Yes, all surfaces being coated with Bourne Gleem Solvent Base needs to be sanded prior to application.

Can Bourne Gleem be applied to a laminated wood surface?

This is not recommended as the surface needs to be sanded before application.

Should Bourne Sanding Sealer be applied on all types of flooring?

This is not needed on hard wood surfaces, mainly on soft wood surfaces such as pine.

Does the surface need to be sanded in between coats?

Yes, especially in between the first and second coat as small bubbles and roughness may appear after your first coat.

Can a roller be used to apply Bourne Gleem to the desired surface?

This is not recommended as it will not give you a gloss finish.

Can Bourne Gleem be thinned down?

This is not recommended. The product must be used as supplied.

Can Bourne Gleem be applied more than three times on the same surface?

This is not advisable.

What can I use to clean brushes and applicators after use?

Nova 11 Brush Cleaner can be used after application to clean all apparatus.

How does one remove marks caused by water spillage on wooden floors sealed with Bourne Gleem?

Unfortunately the only way to rectify this problem is to sand the floor down to the original wood and thereafter commence with the re-coating process of the floor as a whole. If you only do this patch, the area you repaired will be visible when looking at the whole floor.

How does one care for wooden floors treated with Bourne Gleem?

Nova 13 can be coated over Bourne Gleem for extra protection. Apply when the sheen lustre of the floor diminishes. Please note: you can clean your floors with a mild soap solution in order to maintain your floors. When applying Nova 13, the floor must be thoroughly dry as white blemishes or hazy murkiness will appear on the surface. This is caused due to a direct result of residual moisture on the surface.